Glamor and Danger in Warwarwar. The Pool (2018)

June 30, 2018 at Tropez, Sommerbad Humboldthain, Berlin
Performances at 14:00, 15:30, 17:00 - 55min

Directed by Elisabeth Wood and produced in cooperation with Tropez
Set design by Kinderhook & Caracas

Jim works as the head of corporate communications at Warwarwar Enterprizes, Inc. Pretty Penny is a bewildered botanist who has been working undercover amidst Warwarwar’s celebrity criminal contingency. When the privately governed utopian Island of Warwarwar’s noble and glamorous philanthropist chief executive organizes an Association Revival to amend the damages of so many spoiled associations, a sympathetic wake of godly confusion offers the perfect frame for a love story. As Jim and Pretty Penny discover they work in the very same building, they begin to exchange stories about the charms and challenges of their working engagements and splash into a romance, bonding over possibilities of the future. For a day, for an eternity, they seem to share a dream of friendship, family, community and love.

With Alex Michalak, Anne-Cécile Desjardin, Anne-Sophie Debrabant, Cristina Druga, Elisabeth Haentjes, Elisabeth Wood, Esra Altin, J.R. Blank, Judith Lavagna, Kathrin Schömer, Laura Brophy, Leonie Nagel, Lingji Hon, Mario Campos Castellanon, Melone, Matthias Hoffmann, Melissa Daher, Michael Silverberg, Nori Niki Nori, Ori Behr and Paul Aràmbula 



Documentation: ink Agop

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