Fashion Week

September 22 - November 10, 2018

Featuring garments by: Alexia Pedal, Anazé Izquierdo, Andrés Pereira Paz, Begoña Morales, Carlos León Jiménez, Daniel Tremolada,
Eliana Otta, Fátima Rodrigo, Florencia Portocarrero, Gabriel Acevedo, Hiroshi Yoshimoto, Iosu Aramburu, Jimena Chávez,
Juan Diego Tobalina, Liam Spak, Luis Enrique Zela, Macarena Rojas, Muriel Holguín, Natalia Revilla, Sebastián Cabre

Music by Julio Lugon (a.k.a. Pura Lemu)
Models: Anastazja Moser, Enrique Cantillo, Flor Vecino, Nathan Gray, Mayra Rodriguez Castro, Diego Urbina
Installation Photos: Joe Clark Runway Show Photos: Chris Rinke

Bisagra is a platform that functions as a meeting point in the fragmented world of the visual arts in Lima, and the region, creating connections between its different manifestations, as well as other areas of research and creation. For their project Fashion Week at Kinderhook & Caracas, Bisagra developed a subverted maquila-inspired process as a format for collaboration between artists in Lima. A maquila is a manufacturing operation in which raw materials are imported into a country under tariff-free conditions for processing (most often taking advantage of cheap labor) and then reexported for merchandizing elsewhere. Fashion Week first entailed a workshop in Lima in which twenty artists discussed and collaboratively designed garments using old clothing brought into Peru piecemeal from various trips. The finished garments are being brought to Berlin in suitcases, the same way they originally entered Peru, now transformed into an ad-hoc High Fashion collection. An immersive showroom is installed at Kinderhook & Caracas, with a spectacular runway show staged within the space, the garments later serving as wearable sculptures surrounding the catwalk.

Bisagra is currently a project of Andrés Pereira Paz, Eliana Otta, Florencia Portocarrero, Iosu Aramburu, Juan Diego Tobalina and Miguel A. López.

Special Events
22.09 - Opening performance
26.09 - Off-site encounter with Bisagra at 16:30-18:00
27.09 - Runway Show 19:00-20:30
10.11 - Finissage



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