A SOFT TRAGEDY: A spatial storytelling project by Lorenzo Sandoval in collaboration with Kinderhook & Caracas

with contributions from: Olga Balema, Patrick Burkhardt, Pieterjan Grandry, Ethan Hayes-Chute, John Holten, Mirak Jamal, Valentina Karga, Hanne Lippard,
Dafna Maimon, Michele Di Menna, Antoine Renard, Santiago Taccetti, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Alex Turgeon and Elvia Wil

August 16, 2015 Begining at coordinates 52°28'42.9"N 13°27'26.7"E
Off-site project developed with TIER (The Institute for Endotic Research) as part of the Project Space Festival Berlin.

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Prologue delivered by helmsman and narrator Patrick Burkhardt.
Raft base designed by Lorenzo Sandoval , built with Christopher Kline, adapted from Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazione shelf system, wood, barrels, straps, motor, 244 x 368 x 60 cm
Roof and spinning mirror structure by Ethan Hayes-Chute
Benches by Lorenzo Sandoval for AFFECT's Exploring the Endotic workshop at Agora

Antoine Renard, Clémence de La Tour du Pin - Untitled

Canto I: Elvia Wilk reading Never Have I Ever

Santiago Taccetti - No Oil (superfluous commodities) for Lorenzo

Canto II: Alex Turgeon reading Rosewater Heroine & Dandelion Whine: A Love Poem

Mirak Jamal - Black Plague

Canto III: Hanne Lippard & Dafna Maimon performing ShePS

Olga Balema - Cosmic Intestine War


Canto IV: John Holten reading Berlin, August 14/15 (Proteus)

Michele Di Menna - Floater

Epilogue: Pieterjan Grandry & Valentina Karga - The Agar Banquet: A Gel-Related Credit System


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